Cozy House for Rent, Barnette Circle, Triangle, VA, USA

$1,500.00 per month (an amazing price -- cheaper than most nearby townhouses)
Available immediately!

3 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom

Contemporary, built 1956, upgraded.

Electric central heat/air conditioning.

One level--no stairs!

Vinyl siding. Double-hung vinyl replacement windows.

Lots of windows!

Newly repainted; brand-new, sturdy carpeting.

All bedrooms have closets & overhead light fixtures.

Full privacy fenced back yard.

Beautiful wooded neighborhood, mature trees.

Most pets accepted without additional pet deposit

If interested, please email me at or call 703-560-0781.

(Small pictures for fast page loading; click on any picture to see it in full-resolution; use the browser's back button to return--or right click to open in a new window/tab).

Front door

FRONT DOOR: All one level, no stairs! House has vinyl siding, and a nice double pane storm door to keep winter outside--your main door can be left open to enjoy spring, summer and fall foliage.  It's in a great, wooded location.

New tile in hallway

FRONT DOOR, ENTRANCE AREA: Hallway has vinyl tile and a coat closet for your guests to hang their wraps when they attend your incredible parties.  (Barbeques in the backyard, perhaps?)

Living room window

LIVING ROOM, BACK WALL: The back wall is 16 feet long, with window overlooking the back yard. The living room is an irregular shape (not unusual in a contemporary), but the two longest walls are 16' and 13'. (Plenty of windows to let light into this cozy little house!)  Walls were just painted, and all the carpeting in the house is brand new.

Looking toward dining room and kitchen

LIVING ROOM: Side view, looking towards the kitchen on the left and dining room on right.

Dining room

DINING ROOM: The dining room has a door to the private back yard, and a nice picture window (with high quality, double pane, vinyl sided replacement windows).

Kitchen appliances

KITCHEN: 14 feet wide, complete with refrigerator, stove and dishwasher. Sink includes garbage disposal. Several areas of storage space and ample countertops.


KITCHEN, WASHER & DRYER: Washer and dryer are in the kitchen. More storage space next to them--you should have plenty of room to prepare for those lavish parties we talked about way back in the second picture.  (And make sure you invite me!) 

Front bedroom windows

FRONT BEDROOM: Approximately 12' x 10', although the wall by the door (directly behind me as I snap this picture) is only 8' long. Two windows (double pane, vinyl sided replacement windows). This is the front bedroom; the window to the right looks out the front of the house, and the window to the left looks out the side of the house. In 1956, builders didn't skimp on windows!

Front bedroom light

FRONT BEDROOM: Back in 1956, builders didn't skimp on ceiling fixtures, either.  Every bedroom in this house has a ceiling fixture -- take a look at a new house, and you'll be lucky if you can find any.  Every bedroom also has a closet, of course; you can see the front bedroom's closet in this picture, with hanging and flat storage space.

Back bedroom

BACK BEDROOM: This is the back bedroom, 12' x 12', with the wall containing the door being 10' long, going away from the back wall of the house (the wall to the left in this picture). Privacy ensured with a lush green layer of bamboo near windows. The closet in this room is to the right behind me.

Middle bedroom

MIDDLE BEDROOM: The middle bedroom is the smallest, 10' x 9', next to the back bedroom, also against the back of the house.  Since it's in the middle of the house, it can only have one window (sigh), overlooking the back yard.  The 9' is along the rear wall, in which you see the window.  The 10' is the wall to the living room, although that wall on the living room side is actually 13', since it includes space for the closet in the middle bedroom. 


BATHROOM: Vinyl tile on the floor, an easy to clean plastic surround around the tub, looks pretty much like a bathroom.  There's even a sink in there, too. Yes, there is just one bathroom in the house, which makes it a problem if you have a large family or are excessively vain, but that's part of the reason that I've priced the house at only $1,500.


DRIVEWAY: This is the driveway, on the left side of the house as you face it from the street.  The two windows you see in the picture are to the kitchen.  You have ample off-street parking here -- your own personal driveway.  Behind the driveway, you can see the privacy fence, which extends all the way around the back of the house.

Dining room door

SIDE YARD: And here we are looking in through the dining room door.  Updated tile floor in the dining room is vinyl (not pictured; this photo is of the old floor).

Back to shed

BACK YARD: A spacious back yard, surrounded by a privacy fence and lovely trees, flat enough for a volleyball net, with minimal grass coverage. The shed in this photo is a bit rickety.

Back of house

BACK YARD: Looking toward the house, you can see some great trees, providing cooling shade for the summer.  It's gonna save on your summer electric bills.

Thank you for taking the tour of my house -- I hope that you will decide to rent it! 

Please call me at 703-560-0781,

or e-mail me at if you'd like to rent it or want more information.

  -- Fred