House for Rent, Woodbridge, VA, USA

$1,500.00 per month
Available right now!
Pets accepted without additional pet deposit
If interested, please write to (yes, I know that's not here on, but it's where I check my e-mail) or call 703-560-0781. If you get an error message when you write to me, please don't worry about the error message ... I WILL get your email. The error message comes from an old email address to which I automatically forward my email for safekeeping ... maybe not so safe, since a lot of messages get rejected. Oh well ... again, I WILL get your message at, so don't worry about the error message.

One owner of this house is a licensed real estate agent.

And here are some pictures - it's not a fancy website design, because I didn't spend a lot of time on it.  These are small pictures for fast page loading; you can click on any picture to see a full-resolution one, then use your browser's back button to come back to this page (or right click and open in a new window or tab):

Front of house

This is the front view of your new house. You're looking right up your own private driveway ... no more having to park your cars on the street! Just pull right in! Some houses in this neighborhood have a garage at the end of their driveway ... you can see a solid mortar line running down the house to the left ... this house has a family room addition, with a fireplace, instead of a garage. We'll get to see that pretty soon. The two center windows belong to a long kitchen, which also includes room for a table, if you want to make that your dining room. (Otherwise, you could use part of the living room for that ... it's big ... over 17 feet long!) You can see a window air conditioner in one of the kitchen windows ... this house was built before central air was always added to new houses, back in 1968. There are three window air conditioners in the house now ... you could always add more, if you wanted them, but check out the trees all around the house ... they should keep you nice and cool in the summer, without expensive air conditioning.

Living room & closet

Here I have walked into the front door, and am now standing in the living room. The living room, by the way, is 17'5" x 11'10", which should be large enough to hold whatever you'd like to place into it. To the left you can see a closet, where you can hang all the cloaks of the visitors to your lavish Washington, DC parties. In the back on the right you can see what we're calling the third bedroom ... officially, the house really has only two bedrooms, but the room back there definitely should count as a bedroom ... it has a window and a closet, and most people who have lived in the house have used it as a bedroom ... so we are advertising this as a three bedroom house. Something else to keep you cool in the summer ... a ceiling fan!

Living room air conditioner

If the ceiling fan isn't enough to keep you cool in the summer, there is also an air conditioner here in the living room. So, what ya gonna do about winter? You can see heat registers, like radiators, along the baseboards on the right. The heat is gas hot water ... you have a gas furnace, and it pumps heated water through the heat registers. A lot of people think this is the most comfortable heat ... it tends to keep the entire house at a pretty constant temperature. It is also one of the least expensive heating systems ... the water holds its heat for a long time, so the furnace doesn't have to constantly run.

Tree-lined neighborhood

But, do remember, you'll be living in a beautiful, tree-lined neighborhood, so the trees should really keep you plenty cool in the summer. This is the view out your front picture window, there in the living room. (The walls in the living room are painted white, by the way, not black, as you might think from this picture. The surrounding wall around the window looks black because of the contrast between the bright outside and the interior walls, as seen by the camera. Cameras still don't see things quite as well as you do, you know.) The living room is a whopping 17'5" x 11'10", by the way, so you should have plenty of room for whatever you'd like to put into it.

Kitchen with view into family room

Let's turn to our right, from looking out that window in the previous picture, and we'll come to the kitchen. The far door that you see goes out to the family room addition, with its fireplace; we'll see that next. First, let's notice that you have lots of cabinet space in the kitchen, refrigerator, stove and kitchen sink. That appliance on the left, at the front of the picture, is a portable dishwasher, and I'm told that it does work. Not as large as a built-in dishwasher, but still useful. You will also notice that your washer and dryer are located here in the kitchen. This is not a big house; you gotta squeeze your appliances in wherever they will fit. And, you will enjoy the convenience of doing your laundry at home, instead of having to run to the laundromat all the time. And, I am only asking $1,500/month, not $1,800 or $2,100, like you'd expect to pay with a larger house.

Eat-in space in kitchen

Did you see the side of the portable dishwasher in the previous picture? The fact that you can see the side means that there's nothing to its left. Let's take a look here. In fact, there's a totally empty space -- an eat-in space in the kitchen. The kitchen is 15'3" x 8'7", so there should be a decent amount of room in that empty space. If your family can fit here, you can use this space, instead of allocating part of your living room, although the living room is certainly large enough to support a separate eating space, too. Observe another air conditioner here in the kitchen, to keep you cool during the summer, while all those good things you're cooking is heating up the room.

Look! A beer!

Look ... a beer! No guarantee it's gonna stay there until you move in, but you can see that you have lots of space in your refrigerator to store whatever your family needs.

Freezer space, too

Freezer space, too! Ice cream and other goodies will be waiting here for you, when you get home from a hard day at work. And, yeah, you can also store meats and (if you want something a bit simpler) frozen dinners in here, too. Just think of all the options you'll have!

Family room

Time to leave the kitchen and walk into the family room. You do recall seeing the family room out through the kitchen, four pictures ago, don't you? Unfortunately, the wood paneling and the brick had to be painted over, due to bad scars left by a previous tenant, but the fireplace is still there. And it's a REAL fireplace ... you can burn wood in it! The family room is 16'3" x 10'2", which should give you plenty of room for whatever you want to do in there. Oh ... and check this out ... on the brick wall, to the right, you can see some built-in bookshelves ... you can store your family albums there, videos or video games, lots of possibilities ... useful space!

Driveway from family room

And, the family room provides a nice, bright place to party, if you do it during the day. A large window looks out the front, at the driveway we talked about before ... useful if you want to let your guests park in your driveway, and watch when they drive up.

Hall from living room

More brightness in the family room! This is the sliding glass door that goes out to your yard ... not only creates a bright playspace for your family, but lets you move the fun outside, whenever you'd like. Just imagine the great barbeques you can have out there ... perhaps you'd like to set up some lawn games out in your large back yard (we'll take a closer look at that, sooner or later)? I sure hope that you and your family really enjoy this house!

Linen Closet

I hope that I'm not putting you to sleep here, reading through this. Just in case, let's turn around, walk through the kitchen, and turn left down the hallway. Here we are standing in the hallway, looking toward the linen closet. How convenient to have that there ... the door to the master bedroom is ahead and to our left, and the door to another bedroom is ahead and to our right. Closer to us, on the left, you can see the hinge on the door to the main bathroom. We'll take a look at all the rooms next.

Master Bedroom

First, the master bedroom, which is 11'7" x 10'11". There's a lot more to this bedroom than just this closet and the door (which you see here ... what you're seeing through the door is the door to the other bedroom, across the hall), like all the room you'll have, and the two bonuses coming up.

Master Bedroom Air Conditioner

Bonus #1: An air conditioner to keep you cool on those hot summer nights. Because, as we discussed before, this house doesn't have central air. But I'm only asking $1,500/month for it, not over $2,000! So, grab it while you can! Extra Bonus #1A: Check out the nice treed lot!

Master bedroom bathroom

Bonus #2: Your own private bath, right in your master bedroom! Yeah, it doesn't have a shower ... for that you'll have to use the bathroom in the hall, but I think that you'll find that I've priced my house even less than nearby townhouses ... grab it before somebody else does!

Second bedroom

Let's go across the hall, now, and take a look at the second bedroom, which is 10'9" x 8'10". As you can see, you'll have a closet. Much better than having to wear your all your clothes around all the time, because you didn't have a place to hang them up! Through the door you can see the hall bathroom, which I'll show you in a sec, right after we take a look out of our window, to just enjoy our nice, treed lot some more.

Out second bedroom window

Looking out the window of the second bedroom, you can once again enjoy your future life with nature. Yeah, you will have to mow the grass, but think of all those poor people in the world who don't even have any grass. I'm afraid that I can't show you a bathroom in this bedroom, because there isn't one, but I can show you the bathroom right across the hall ... coming up next!

Hall bathroom

As promised, the hall bathroom. Toilet, bathtub, sink, what more could you want?

3rd Bedroom

Maybe a third bedroom? Well, we got one of those for you, too! Now, officially, I think that this bedroom might be called a den ... it hangs off the living room, which you can see outside the door. And we saw the doorway from the other side, when we were first in the living room. But, as I've said, it definitely qualifies as a bedroom ... it's got a window, as you can see, and a closet, as you can also see. And, at 10'9" x 8'4", it's almost as large as the second bedroom. Of course, if you wanted to use it as a den, or an office, or a sewing room, or whatever, that's also fine with me.

Side of house

But wait! There's even more to see, on the inside of the house. First, to get our perspective of where we're going, we'll look at the outside of the house, from the side. To the right, that's the sliding glass doors to your new family room, with the fireplace. And, to the left, that's the door to your utility room, with your furnace and water heater, and an extra storage room. We'll take a look at the extra storage in the next picture.

Storage room

A little peek into your storage room ... lots of shelves to help hold your supplies. The outside door, which we saw in the previous picture, does have a lock on it, by the way, so your stuff will be safe. In fact, it's keyed the same as your front door, so you won't have a lot of keys to worry about (or to lose).

Back of house

Sadly, it's now time to leave my lovely house. Soon to be your lovely house ... then you won't have to leave it ... except maybe to go to work, or for other obligations. But you can always come home! What a deal! Thanks for taking a look ... I hope to hear from you soon!

Thank you for taking the tour of my house ... I hope that you will decide to rent it! Please remember to write to me at, or call me at 703-560-0781.

  -- Fred